The Weekly Recap: August 3- August 7, 2020

Posts published by our team from August 3-7, 2020:

August 3, 2020: Letter From the Editor: August, 2020

Our latest letter from the editor to bring in the fifth month of COVID19 Demystified!

August 5, 2020: The Oxford Saga: A New Hope

Our author Lasya takes you through the Phase 1/2 trial data for the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine candidate being developed at Oxford University. This vaccine candidate was found to be safe and well-tolerated in the group of patients that was tested. This group consisted of young, healthy people and most study participants were white- based on this, further trials are needed in older age groups and more diverse populations. The side effects of the vaccine were mild to moderate and can be managed with Tylenol. Using Tylenol did not affect the immune response to the vaccine. In a small trial, a booster dose of vaccine seems to increase antibody levels. One of the most attractive things about this vaccine is that it’s causing an immune response at both the antibody and cellular level. Phase 3 trials are currently taking place in Brazil, South Africa and the UK.

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