The Pandemic Visualized

Charts courtesy of Our World in Data, an amazing nonprofit dedicated to providing the data and research needed to fight against the world’s biggest problems. 

COVID-19 cases and deaths, worldwide: 

You can change the country being visualized at the bottom of the chart.


Total COVID-19 tests per 1000 people: 

Tests per 1000 people is a better way to visualize how much testing is being done relative to a country’s population. The goal is to maximize the percentage of the population that’s being tested, to increase the chances of catching potential COVID-19 cases. The country with the most overall tests doesn’t necessarily have the best testing rate- you have to normalize to population.

Is the curve bending? 

This chart shows the daily confirmed COVID-19 cases per country on a log scale. If a country is successfully slowing the spread of the virus, the curve for that country will begin to ‘bend.’ For the pandemic to end, every country has to bring the new daily cases down to zero.

Vaccines administered per 100 people, displayed per country.

As countries vaccinate more of their population, the number of individuals susceptible to the virus decreases- slowing down the spread!

Charts courtesy of Covid Graph, a site based out of Italy that is dedicated to providing non-sensationalized, objective data on the pandemic. 
They reached out to us and gave us the embed links for these graphs, so please give them some love in return.

Most common symptoms of COVID-19 in China:

Percentage of COVID-19 cases and overall lethality by age group, based on 106,339 cases and 12,550 deaths in Italy:

Common pre-existing chronic diseases seen in deceased COVID-19 patients in Italy:

Blue bars indicate how common each pre-existing condition was amongst patients who died of COVID-19 in Italy. The orange bars show the percentage of deceased patients with 0, 1, 2, or 3 other chronic diseases besides COVID-19.