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Who we are

student team | scientific experts

We’re a group of senior undergraduate students, graduate students and early-career scientists from universities across North America who have come together to bring research on COVID19 to the people. We’re all volunteers and do this out of a desire to make science accessible to all. The information presented in our posts is all from peer-reviewed, published studies in reputable journals. The information comes from experts- we translate it for everyone else.

Our author team consists of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as early-career scientists. Although we were founded in Vancouver, Canada, our team now stretches across the country and beyond. To read more about our author team, check out their bios here.

When it comes to COVID19, we are dedicated to the dissemination and understanding of good-quality, reliable science. We ‘demystify’ research from the top scientific journals in the world and draw all of our information from reliable scientific sources. Our posts are checked for scientific accuracy and faithful interpretation of the original study by subject matter experts. Our experts are professional scientists and researchers who have chosen to volunteer their time and effort towards this cause. To read more about our experts, see their bios here.

Want to helP?

If you like what we do consider sharing our posts and following us on Twitter. If you want to join the fight, we’d be honoured to have you.

We could use:

  • translators
  • expert reviewers (PhD or research experience in virology required)
  • editors
  • artists
  • web developers
  • marketers

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