March 30- April 6: The Weekly Recap

Posts published by our team from March 30 to April 5th.

New note- we’ve swapped to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule, with weekly recaps every Sunday.

March 30Researchers at Hunan University Analyze Cellular Receptor ACE2 to Predict Possible Animals That Gave Us Coronavirus

Researchers at Hunan University in Changsha China suggest that the reservoir species for nCoV-19 is the Chinese horseshoe bat. The scientific team suggested that the virus was passed from bats to humans via one of several candidate intermediate species including cats, cows, buffalo, goat, sheep and pigeon. Amino acid sequencing was used to identify these potential intermediate species.

April 1University of Washington: Building nanoparticle vaccines to fight respiratory viruses

This is a publication from 2019 that outlines a method for designing nanoparticle vaccines that can cause a much stronger immune response against respiratory viruses. While the researchers initially designed their vaccine against RSV, the same technique is now being used by the University of Washington’s Institute for Protein design to construct vaccines against nCoV-19. This post was reviewed by a faculty expert.

April 3University of Hong Kong: Switching Up the Swab Test

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