Letter From the Editor: June 2020

To our readers,

There’s a lot out there that deserves your attention right now, so I’m going to keep this brief.

First, we are going to alter our posting schedule slightly beginning from next week. We will put up Demystified or Sidebar posts on Monday and Wednesday, and move our Weekly Recap from Sunday to Friday. The hope is that this new posting schedule will make the influx of information slightly more manageable and give you, our readers, more time to read and digest each article. There are some amazing articles coming down the pipeline over the next little bit including an overview of the peer review process, a summary of initial findings in a new DNA vaccine study, an explanation of the principles of evolution, and an epidemiology study following outcomes of patients in a Seattle ICU. These articles will come out over the next few weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out!

Next up: our site has now been live for a little over three months. We have nearly 18,000 views and our team has continued to be working tirelessly. We intend to keep going for as long as people keep reading. Even as things open up and we return to a new normal, scientists will continue to race to better understand this virus- and we will cover that. Vaccine research is pushing forward from basic proof of concepts to clinical trials- we will cover that. As we understand more about the virus the information in the FAQ might change and evolve and we will cover that as well. We are actively working to make our content easier to read and understand – and are going back and editing our past posts to improve their readability as well.

If you like what we do please consider passing the site on to friends and family. As I’ve said before, core goal is to bring science to the people, and the more people reach our site, the more people we can help.

We have decided that our Twitter will remain silent this week so we don’t detract from the more important issues going on around the world. The simple fact is this- racism in any form is not okay. At a basic, scientific, genetic level we are all part of the same species. We all share the same origins. Let’s stand together.

For more information on the shared origins of humanity, check out this paper.

Stay safe, and keep helping.

Lasya Vankayala

Editor-in-Chief, COVID19 Demystified

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