Letter From the Editor: July 2020

Dear Readers,

I’d like to start by wishing you a happy Canada Day! COVID19 Demystified is a Canadian initiative at its heart, although it has now grown to include people from around the world. The spirit of international collaboration that has taken over this project is also a deeply Canadian concept, and we are proud to see how far we’ve come.

Exciting new news- we now have select articles featured on covidgraph.com. We were also profiled on the Transcripts blog, based at the University of Toronto.

Thanks to our wonderful readers, authors and supporters, COVID19 Demystified was included in a video featuring Canadian innovation against COVID19.

We are so proud to have this opportunity to share our efforts with people across Canada. Knowledge fights fear and anxiety, and our hope is that through our posts and sidebars we can put a little more knowledge into the world.

We intend to continue producing and sidebars for as long as we can. The COVID19 pandemic is still going on- and science is still fighting against it. If you spot a paper you want us to demystify, let us know! Is there a scientific concept you want explained in a sidebar? Tell us that too! Our team checks emails regularly and is happy to get any feedback from our readers.

On this Canada Day, let me say one other thing: We are going to get through this- as neighbours, as a country, and as a united global effort. Help each other, and keep moving forward.

Have a wonderful Canada Day,

Lasya Vankayala

Editor-in-Chief, COVID19 Demystified

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