Canadian Undergraduate Research Competition

COVID19 Demystified has partnered with the Canadian Undergraduate Research Competition! Undergraduate students from across Canada were challenged to write a submission under 3000 words relating to the theme of COVID19. We are very happy to present the top three submissions from the 2020 competition here!

These submissions were all written by undergraduate students and selected by a judging panel including researchers and professionals from across Canada. Each submission is also accompanied by a brief layperson summary. We hope you enjoy these pieces by some very talented science undergraduate students! Here’s what the scientists of the future have for you:

Proposing the structure of a new drug as a potential treatment for COVID-19

Full title: “Proposing the structure of a new drug as a potential treatment for COVID-19 by inhibition of the Receptor Binding Domain of the Spike (S) Protein on SARS-CoV-2” Authors: Aditi Das and Tanya Ghai, McMaster University Layperson Summary: This article endeavours to find a solution to the COVID 19 pandemic by proposing a structure…

Remote Vitals

Submission title: “Research Vitals” Authors: Aamna Amer and Mohamad Abdel Rida, University of Calgary Layperson Summary: COVID-19 struck us like a scene straight out of a movie. In a matter of months, it overwhelmed our healthcare systems and our health care workers. During these radical times, we needed a new weapon in our fight. Enter…