On Evolution by Natural Selection

By Jacob L. Fine Reviewer information I would like to thank Dr. R. E. Pearlman and Dr. J. Chahal, York University and McGill University respectively, for their expert opinion and valuable comments, feedback, and discussion. Thanks to COVID19 Demystified editors Lasya and Deanna for their editorial feedback as well. “It’s only a theory!” Heard it … Continue reading On Evolution by Natural Selection

Sidebar: Pandemics of Falsehood

The Scientific Antidote By Jacob L. Fine Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some opinions are simply not true. Nowadays anyone with access to internet connection can spread falsehoods faster than disease outbreaks. The one tool we have to deal with these pandemics of misinformation can be summarized in one Latin phrase first … Continue reading Sidebar: Pandemics of Falsehood